Wedding Party

Brynne Daniel

Maid of Honor

The best little sister I could ever ask kind, loving, supportive, faith-filled & dear to my heart. Not only do I love her & the relationship we have, but I love the sweet family that comes with her. Her diligence to pray for me through the years is something I will always be grateful for. I couldn't imagine saying "I do" without her by my side. Love you more than all the stars in the sky.

Kate Bryant


Kate is the sweetest gift to my brother! I love the relationship they have & what she adds to our family. She has prayed for this day to come for me for years & her love & support are something I will forever be grateful for. Thank you for being so faith-filled, kind, tender-hearted and a deep well that challenges me to be more like Christ. The way you love & honor my brother is beautiful to watch & you are someone I can learn from as I step into the role of being a wife. Love you, Kate, and the rest of your tribe too.

Holly Morrison


Best of friends for 20 years, neighbors for 13 before she made the move to AZ. This one knows me through & through & when I think about the memories we've shared I'm overwhelmed by the Lord & the way He's blessed me with not just her, but her whole family. You are one of the most authentic, passionate and faithful people I know and your friendship causes me to pursue Jesus more. Who would have thought we'd be doing life together again in the same city. I love you Holly Morrison. Thanks for being so excited to walk down the aisle and for championing me in this season like you have.

Krista King


Not sure there is a friend as sweet, pure, loyal & steadfast as this one. She champions me with the best of them & has been in my corner for the last 20+ years. The way she has served me & cheered me on in this season leading into my marriage has been unmatched & I'll forever be indebted to her. Her selflessness is a reflection of Jesus in her & I want to be like her when I grow up. Bonus, she comes with 4 more that I love & that love me so.

Megan Choate


Breakfasts, shopping trips, Roundtop, tears, projects, lots of laughter, sharpening one another, & so much more. Your smile lights up a room, your laughter draws people in & you have the ability to speak hope to the weariest of souls. The Lord was so kind to bring you into my life 15+ years ago through Seven. Thank you for being one of my biggest cheerleaders & for praying for this day to come for me as much or more than I've even prayed for it. You are a treasured friend that I'll forever thank Jesus for. So grateful for you and your three boys. Love you.

Brad Larson

Best Man

There isn't a better man to be my best man. Brad is one of the hardest workers I know, yet loves a great adventure. He is strong and compassionate. As one of the few I know that truly leads from the front, he is someone I and others look up to when it comes to becoming better - as a man, husband, father or friend. He has walked alongside me through high highs and low lows, always challenging me to be what the Lord has called me to be. So much of where I am today is because of his support and encouragement. I'm grateful to call him friend, have him join me on this special day as my best man, and will forever be indebted to him for being the prophetic matchmaker that he is.

Brack Bryant


The best brother in all the world! A gentle giant who is kind, strong, crazy brilliant, hilarious, entertaining, faithful, hard-working, fun-loving & a lover of truth. Thank you for challenging me through the years and encouraging me to never give up believing in the plans the Lord has for me. Your continued love & support for me & James is something we value & I look forward to adventures together with the four of us. LOVE YOU!!!

Brady Daniel


Thankful for a brother-in-law that loves my sister like he does & that gave me 3 of my favorite little people. Grateful for how you desire freedom and wholeness in the lives of everyone you know. You strive to serve others with all your heart & you love big. You without doubt are the perfect match for my sister. Thank you for your love & prayers through all the years.

Michelangelo McBurney


My brother, my brother!! When Bruno is on a roll storytelling and cracking jokes, nobody will have you belly-laughing harder. He has a big, tender heart that shines through in the way he loves his family, friends, and four-legged pooch, Pepper. There aren't many people I know as loyal - it's one of the greatest qualities I admire about him. With perseverance and a courageous spirit, last year I saw him push through and overcome a tough downswing that would have forced most others to fold their hand. I'm so grateful he's standing by my side, supporting me during such a significant time in my life.

Vince McBurney


Vincenzo - you will be standing by my side in December! Hallelujah, hallelujah! My brother recently survived a near-fatal accident and is successfully recovering from a complex surgery. With one part patience and two parts grit, he is fighting to return to being the Vince we all know and love. He is one of the hardest working and most successful entrepreneurs I know. He loves his wife, Julie, and his son, Anthony. Over the last several years I've seen a spark in him-- a desire to grow-- and it's clear to me that, once on the other side of this recent set-back, he will be stronger, poised to go deeper, and ready to take on the world.

Gavin, Janie, Berkley, Bryant, Lil, Bentley

Favorite Little People

All 6 of these cute littles (or not so little) stole my heart the day they were born. I couldn't be more grateful to be their aunt & I can't imagine them not being a part of this special day. Every time I think about them, I'm filled with joy, knowing they each have hearts of gold, they love Jesus & others, they are polite, kind, silly, compassionate & they humor Aunt Brookie and all her picture-taking. I think they are slowly but surely stealing James' heart too. I love them big!